About Us

Covenant Theological Institute is an affiliate of Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, IN, USA. Trinity is a 43 year old, theologically conservative higher learning institution which is respected around the world as a leader in quality, distance learning and theological education models.

The online college level courses are designed to give the serious Bible student a strong academic foundation for effective Christian ministry. If you wish to advance academically, you can complete sixteen course CTI Diplomas to qualify you to be awarded the Associate in Biblical Studies from Trinity College of the Bible.

It is acknowledged that one cannot garner a deep knowledge of the Word of God through church attendance and personal study. In order to be qualified to teach others it is imperative to have advanced Biblical training. This is what is offered through the programs of Covenant Theological Institute. By registering as a student with us you will be able to hear lectures by qualified teachers with advanced degrees from Theological Seminaries, their instruction will lead you to greater understanding of the Scriptures. You may choose from more than 20 courses in a variety of subjects. In the coming months, another 8 course modules consisting of 40 plus courses will be added.

No other Institute allows this freedom for such a modest Online Course Fee.